A dignified farewell for our faithful companions

Pets are a treasured part of our lives. We work with them, play with them, and adopt them into our families. No matter their size, age, or personality quirks, they are our faithful companions.

The decision to euthanize a pet is always very difficult. Paw Print is here to help make that transition a little bit easier, by providing home euthanasia for pets in Hamilton, Northern Waikato, and South Auckland.


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For Vets

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Paw Print was created by Ashley O’Driscoll, Veterinarian and Director of Enlightened Animal Partnerships, Limited. We work closely with you and your pet’s regular veterinarian to ensure that we maintain the important bond between the client, pet, and veterinarian.

You did amazing and made Borange’s journey so nice and as easy as it can be for all of us, thank you so much.  

Margaret (Waitakaruru)

The decision to put to sleep a loved pet is one of the hardest calls an owner has to make. To  be able to offer the option of home euthanasia to these owners through Ashley is very comforting.

Shanaka Sarathchandra, Lead Vet, Pet Doctors Tristram St

Thank you for making the process calm and relaxing for JD, to have it peacefully done at home would have seen his last moments here with us a little more happier.

Becks and Rhi (Hamilton)